5 of the Best Cafes for Breakfast in Canggu

It wasn’t that long ago that Canggu was completely under-the-radar. Surrounded by rice fields, the only tourists who came here were travelling surfers. Now, it’s famous as the laid back, hipster alternative to chaotic Kuta and Seminyak, and with its explosion in popularity, has come more trendy cafes and restaurants than you can shake a twirly moustache at. 

Breakfast in Canggu is more than just a meal, it’s a daily ritual, but with so much choice, it can be hard to know where to start. 

If you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I’m pretty much obsessed with food, and having lived in Canggu now for over six months, I’d say I’m pretty qualified to give you the lowdown on the best places to eat. 

There are loads of great cafes in Canggu, but rather than just give you a huge directory of them, this list is my personal favourites, and where I eat most of the time. All of them are in the main Batu Bolong area of Canggu and are easy to get to, so no dicing with the shortcut if you’re staying this side—always a bonus!

Go check them out, and let me know if you love them as much as I do!

Crate Cafe

Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong, Canggu
Insta: @cratecafe

Breakfast Canggu - Crate Cafe

A Canggu institution, Crate started out life as a small cafe on Batu Bolong. It was so popular that people literally queued on the street to get a table. Now, it has moved to a bigger location on Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong, where it continues to draw the crowds. 

If you arrive and there’s a long queue to order and seemingly nowhere to sit, don’t be put off. As well as lots of smaller tables, Crate has several huge communal tables, so by the time you’ve queued and ordered your food, spots will almost definitely have come up. 

One of the main reasons for Crate’s cult-like popularity, is the fact that its food is amazing, the prices are reasonable, and the portions are huge. It’s my go-to place for a post-surf feed when I’m starving. 

Another, is that everything is super instagramable. From the food and smoothies, to the cool interior and surrounding rice fields, Crate is hipster heaven. 

My favourites are Veto (avo on toast with poached egg and smoked salmon), Benz Eggs (a hash brown topped with sautéed greens, mushrooms, ham and poached egg), and Sambo (a toasted sandwich filled with crunchy vegetables, humous, cheese, and salmon). Also try the iced latte—it’s a spectacle in itself!

Note: Be careful that Google Maps doesn’t send you to Crate’s old location on Batu Bolong. If it does, and you’re too hot to walk to the new one, try the next place on my list…

Best Breakfast Canggu - Crate Cafe


Pantai Batu Bolong No.60, Canggu
Insta: @betelnutcafe

Breakfast Canggu - Cafe Vida

Another super popular cafe, Betelnut is located about halfway up Batu Bolong, opposite the big gravel car park. Upstairs is open and airy with a selection of booths, smaller tables, and a large communal table that runs through the middle of the cafe. Downstairs, you’ll find a smaller air-conditioned room with a few tables, which is often worth trying when upstairs is full. 

Breakfast ranges from smoothie bowls, breaky wraps, and eggs, to staples like avo on toast, and granola with fruit and yoghurt. Everything is delicious, well-priced, and nicely presented. 

My favourites are the healthy porridge (a porridge made with red rice and coconut milk—tastes way better than it sounds!), bacon toast (bacon and mushrooms on toast), and set 1 (fruit, avo on toast with eggs, plus tea or coffee). The coffee here is really good. 

Eden Cafe

Pantai Batu Bolong No.8, Canggu
Insta: @edencafebali

Best places breakfast Canggu - Eden Cafe

Located further up Batu Bolong, just at the start of the main strip, Eden has a large airy seating area, plus an air-conditioned room if you want to escape the heat. Surprisingly, it doesn’t get too crowded so can also be a good place to work from.

Eden’s concept is healthy, locally sourced food, at an affordable price—and they’ve nailed it. For me, living in Bali and eating out for every meal, means that I often don’t want a really extravagant breakfast. Eden is my go-to for simple, good food at a great price, and their Power Porridge hits the spot every time. That being said, you can still get your fix of indulgence if that’s what you’re after; their big breakfast is an epic combination of bacon, eggs, sausage, roast potatoes, and all the usual sides. Also try their selection of lassi; the Copacabana is gorgeous. 

Best places for breakfast Canggu - Eden Cafe

Cafe Vida

Pantai Batu Bolong No.38A, Canggu
Insta: @cafe_vida_bali

Breakfast Canggu - Cafe Vida

Another from the top end of Batu Bolong, Cafe Vida is set in what feels like a traditional Balinese compound. The large, airy seating area extends right through to the back where you can sit on cushions and relax at low tables. 

Although Vida is the most expensive place on this list, the food is all organic and you’re greeted with a large bottle of chilled water when you arrive, which is a nice touch. 

As you’d expect, the food is delicious. Their smoothie bowls are so beautifully presented you almost feel bad for messing them up. My favourite savoury breakfast is the dill salmon eggs, though the portions aren’t huge. It’s also my favourite place for coffee. 

Shady Shack 

Jl. Tanah Barak No.57, Canggu
Insta: @theshadyshack

Best place breakfast Canggu - Shady Shack

Shady Shack is everything its name suggests. Situated opposite a rice field and surrounded by lush tropical greenery, most of the seating is outside under shady palms, plus there’s a few breakfast bar style seats in a small indoor area. 

All the food here is vegetarian, but the menu is so varied and so tempting, you hardly even notice the lack of meat. 

My hands-down favourite is the big breakfast for its variety, but also the tomato relish is to die for. If you’re really hungry, the smashed spuds make a great side to any savoury dish. Everything is good though, and if you’re into it, you can really get your insta game on here. The food is beautifully presented and the smoothies are next level. 

What’s your favourite cafe for breakfast in Canggu? 

I hope you love the cafes on this list as much as I do! Feel free to share this post using the social buttons below, and let me know in the comments which ones you tried, plus any other gems you’d recommend for breakfast in Canggu.

Happy eating! X