GoPro Price Hack: How to Get the Best Deal

With a new GoPro being high on many of our Christmas shopping lists, I thought it might be useful to share how I saved almost £50 on the general retail price when I bought my Hero 5 Black (which was a saving of £100 against the RRP), and how it is possible to save even more.

If you’ve already been searching, you will know that there is no such thing as a ‘cheap’ GoPro. All of the main retailers keep prices set to within a few pounds of each other which means that the usual tactic of shopping around, might only earn you a saving of a few pounds. 

So How do You Get the Best Price?

As a rule of thumb, the cheapest of the big, reputable retailers selling GoPro is Amazon. Even so, you will usually find that their prices are only maybe £10 less than most of their competitors. That’s great, but nothing to get too excited about.

The key to making big savings, is to stalk the price. You may have noticed that prices fluctuate for many things sold by Amazon, but what you may not have noticed, is by just how much.

The graph below shows how the price for the latest version of the GoPro Hero 5 Black, changed by £70 in the space of 8 days! The 2016 model varied by £110 over a seven month period. You can also see that the price changes often. Therefore, watching the price and waiting for the right moment to purchase, can earn you a much bigger saving than simply shopping around. 

Best Price GoPro Hero 5 Black 2017

How to Monitor the Price

No one wants to be checking Amazon every minute of every day to see if the price has changed and thankfully you don’t have to. Using you can set up a price alert so that when the price drops, you are notified via email or Twitter.

You can also use camelcamelcamel to view historical prices, so you can see how the current price compares to the highest and lowest it has been in a given period of time. If you are outside of the UK, just click the flag at the top right of the page to change the location.

This method of waiting for the best price works for all models of GoPro (or anything on Amazon for that matter). Just enter the Amazon url or keyword in the search bar on camelcamelcamel and set up an alert. Unsurprisingly, the newly released Hero 6 Black is not showing much of a price drop yet, but it is still worth keeping an eye on it if that’s the one you want. Especially if you’re not in a hurry.

You might think that Amazon would hold prices high around Christmas but that’s not the case. The graph below shows that the price of the 2016 model Hero 5 Black still dropped by £25 in the run up to Christmas last year.

Cheapest GoPro Hero 5 Black Sur

Of course there is an element of gambling involved with picking the right moment to buy. You could be unlucky and the price could drop further, or you may be lucky and get in before the price shoots back up. Either way, if you can make a saving, you’re winning.

Do you know of any other ways to get the best price on a new GoPro?

If you know of any other cheap GoPro hacks, let us know in the comments. And as always, if you found this post helpful or know anyone looking to buy a new GoPro, please share it using the social links below 🙂

Good luck!

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